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transmitting to visions data space

visions is a node in the universe of electronic brain, it's some way stuctured and connected information nodes, residing locally or outside
an open system, with discussion threads, blogs, synapses to other nodes, complex infonodes and more... all of this is open to any data space traveller or habitated species
there are some technical and thematic restrictions of open publishing... on the about page you'll find the themes which create the identity of the site or just take it's... visions ;-)
infonodes and synapses are connected to the system by admin bots

copyright and copyleft

the content of visions is under copyright laws. it cannot be freely copied by anybody without the licence. publishers grant the general licence to copy with attribution to any medium (site, tv station, magazine), which is under the compatible licence, i. e. all it's content can be freely copied to medium with compatible licence.
So the content cannot be used by commercial subjects which do not licence their content to be this way free and on the other side the medium with less tight licence (i. e. totally free) let's say can use the content but has to state that this content is not free and show the licence

visions banner

spread info

if you want to help us gather the community you can spread this banners pointing them to visions.cz


site emerged from nonexistence thanx to various people. Mainly opensource and other free software authors we respect and with this notice we are glad to use their work.
site is hosted on the independent server for media projects and streaming NODE9 in Prague, CZ

ezPublish, great opensource project from Norway, is our publishing and portal system.

Publishing system runs on technology of dynamic PHP, data stored in MySQL database and served by HTTP server Apache, the best webserver. :) This software is the invisible engine of visions. And Linux, not only on server side, also as desktop and creative environment. Graphic design of visions was made with Gimp.



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