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r23.cc: an article

r23.cc is a net radio. r23.cc is a multichannel radio. r23.cc is a web tv. r23.cc works with free software. r23.cc is a container of music licensed creative commons. r23.cc is an activist loudspeaker. r23.cc is open to listener collaboration. r23.cc can be in Barcelona...or anywhere.

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r23.cc: Open Content/ Open Core
r23.cc is the radio of Riereta, a technologic workshop located in the heart of Barcelona. It was born about a year, maybe a year and a half, ago with the idea to build an open and alternative means of communication.
r23.cc is a means of communication open from the core, from the very bone. The software that makes it possible is Pure Data, an object oriented programming environment used to process real time audio and video... and it is open source.
As r23.cc is free from the very engine, the contents must also be free. And those contents can be divided in two.
On the one hand, musical content. All the music that sounds at r23.cc comes from different net labels, or record companies that distribute music in mp3 format or the alternative open source format, ogg; the format that we have begun using for our transmissions.
The main part of the net labels license their releases under creative commons. With this license the artist chooses which rights wants to have or not about his or her music. This has many advantages:
First it offers the user, the possibility to download music freely. That turns the internet into a fierce (and cheap) means of promotion.Most independent record companies cannot assume a big number of releases, and they don´t have the milionaire budgets needed to put their music on conventional radio stations, musical tv channels...and on the shelves of big commercial surfaces.
Secondly, in certain cases, for instance Microbio Records from Venezuela, it´s a way to survive, a way to take from the hard disk of their artists, electronic music, that has none or little possibilities to be released out of their country.
Finally, if the artist permits to extract samples from his/her songs, favors the creative use of their work, that generates another work completely different, or generates a different interpretation through a dj mix. The will of 23.cc is to promote that music as a way to give support to the Creative Commons musical community.

The diffusion of events of activist nature is another of the aims of 23.cc, Most of events, or certain occurrences in the activist/ social field,that are uncomfortable for the main part of the conventional means of communication, find their place at 23.cc.
That can happen in various ways: Users that have experienced a certain occurrence in first person can upload audio files to the server, to be streamed later.
Live realtime streamings are also possible, or interviews with individuals and collectives that work in the field of social movements or in activisim of every kind.

De-Located? radio: From the studio to the server
The concept of radio has always been related to the studio. The neuralgic center where everything happens. From the point of view of the listener a mysterious place where voices talk to you, as if they where wrapped in darkness. That neuralgic center produces ,records, edits, processes and receives audio from mobile units. Then that audio is sent from the studio to the emmissor, and from here to the clients or receptors.
At 23.cc that neuralgic center is moved to the server: within the server, audio files are received, stored and transmitted through the internet. Radio can happen anywhere. The studio can be the street, a concert hall, a club, someone´s home...
Few things are needed: a computer, the convenient software, a microphone maybe, and internet access. And the clients receive that audio through their computer, and are able to choose from different channels of the same "radio station".
Or they can, via web, and thanks an application called netjuke, make and manage their own playlists with the music stored on the server, and share them with other users or listeners. Or upload their own audios and thus, the user/listener can contribute actively to the content of r23.cc.
But...we love ancient radio too. In the thirties and the fourties, music was played live from the radio studios, nowadays is a rare thing. So our hommage to ancient radio is to bring live musical performances to our little workshop, that five times a week is a sort of a radio studio and soon, a tv studio too.



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