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The Festivalito of La Palma Island is a Digital Film Festival, it´s the festival of the revolution. It is a cultural and cinematographic meeting where stories shot in different corners of the planet are shown. LA PALMA RUEDA is Guerrilla Filmmaking Contest during the week of festival.

Spanish Tarifa - Morroccan Tangier connection and multicultural art event. The aim of Fadait as a no border temporary media lab is to remain as a permament public media interface, part of the counter hegemonic cyborg* that we imagine at the gate of mediterranean sea. Our technical research have flown over several layers: web geointerfaces, free software (FFmpeg) streaming servers, use of Pure Data as a distributed multimedia engine...

festival of new media events open for participation, making own local event in CZ/SK and other countries

international festival in Prague, CZ mapping border areas in art and information technologies

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